Ink rollers


Suitable for all coding- and printing units.

Ink rollers are ink- transfer- systems for nearly all printing machines. Special ink ingredients ensure a constant ink transfer. The result is a perfect print pattern the whole life time.

These rollers can replace a complete inking system. They are completely maintenance free over the whole life time.

High efficency and durability are the main characteristics of our rollers. It’s possible to mark a hundred thousand lines without replacement.

Our ink-rollers are leaking- free. Speeds up to 3000 RPM are possible without spilling.

Suitable for markings on paper, cardboard and several closed surfaces.

Inkrollers for labelprinters

Inkrollers for labelling machines with hard surface. The inking process is influenced by the pressure on the rollers‘ surface.

This provides following adavantages:

  • Constant inking with long life cycle
  • No spilling or leaking
  • Maintenance free for the whole lifetime
  • High economic inking method


Direct transfer/ marking with rubber / nylon- types is possible without problems. In the case of steel type imprinting, a transfer rubber roll is obligatory.

Printing medium

Absorbent surfaces provide the best results. On sealed surfaces, it is necessary to use steel types to open the surface.


All the ink rollers obtain a central ink reservoir. The lubrification with ink can be adjusted by increasing or reducing working pressure on the transfer roll.

Stamping machines,
Rubber rolls,
Stamping Heads / Accessoires