Machine-/ Embossing Stamps, Electrodes


Machinestamps on customers demand. Due to our manufacturing possibilities, we can satisfy our customers’ demands. We are attaching great importance to high precision and matching tolerances. Therefore, we only need a sample, a drawing or a readable file.  

Some examples:

  • Engraving stamps
  • Rollstamps
  • Punches for sheet steel
  • Deep drawing dies
  • embossing stamps


  • Tooling steel
  • HSS
  • CPM
  • Brass
  • Copper (electrodes)
  • Graphite


  • Sharp faced
  • With surface
  • Concave, convex
  • Radial
  • Dot stress / low stress engraving for minimum surface force
  • Positive / negative for raised imprints
  • Print readable or not readable (mirrored)

It’s possible to galvanize and harden the stamps in order to increase the life cycle of the tools.  

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