Inkjet printers


Compact inkjet- printer for mobile or stationary purpose. It’s possible to mark texts, automatic enumeration, data and batch- numbers.

A fast drying ink allows indelible imprints on closed surfaces, like plastics oder metal.

These machines are predestined for marking on goods made of metal or plastics. Imprinting of expiry dates on glossy paper or folding boxes is easily possible.

Technical data:

  •  1 or 2 line print
  • Max. 20 digits per line, width 42 mm
  • Character height 3,2 mm / Line space 4,7 mm
  • Different character widths
  • Memory function to save printing patterns
  • Simple programming by OSD or PC- software via USB connector
  • Systemclock for time and date- coding
  • Integrated automatic enumeration with numbering generator
  • External switch contact to start marking in production lines
  • No jammed printing head- the unit is one part with ink-tank
  • Optional accu-power supply (total mobility)
  • Weight 470 g


  • Stationary mounting system with start switch to initiate marking by working piece contact
  • Ink for absorbent / non- absorbent surfaces
  • Inkcolor black or red

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