Set of hand-held number and letter punches


Made from best tool-steel for marking steel, iron, brass, wood, hard rubber, leather, plastics, etc.

We are manufacturing three different qualities, to satisfy each demand:

  • Group 1: max. tensile strength 600 – 800 N / mm²
  • Group 2: max. tensile strength 1200 N / mm²
  • Group 3: drop forged and tempered for highest stresses

Special engravings and welder’s punches with logos or symbols are possible without any problems.  

Letter heights:

  • 1 – 15 mm


  • 0 – 9 and blank
  • Alphabet
  • Logos + symbols
  • Engravings on customers demand

Engraving types:

  • Sharp faced
  • With surface
  • Concave
  • Radial
  • Dot stress / low stress engraving for minimum surface force
  • Positive / negative for raised imprints
  • Print readable or not readable (mirrored)

Adjustable number punches are an economic alternative to increase flexibility of the user.

It’s not necessary to transport a complete set, only one single stamp is needed.

Pneumatic hand- stamping tool